Philip the Evangelist

 Here is the sample I will be using tomorrow. Decided to downsize the project from “life-size” feet to a much smaller version for sake of time. Only 1 piece of cardstock is needed which is folded in half. I put the crayon shavings in a plastic  ziplock baggie, taped it to a clip board and applied the heat from the hairdryer. A pencil sharpener works the best to get nice shavings. You can tell when it starts to heat up and melt. You can use your fingers to squish out any lumps. You don’t want to melt your baggie so take care. While it is cooling have kids write their verses. Cut away any excess plastic. My foot pattern is about 2 in. by 5 in. so make sure you have enough shavings to fill the space. You can go back and add some more shavings  to the inside of your bag and melt them  to any bare spots.  As the crayon cools it will stiffen up. Place glue around the cutout shape and the entire edge adding your strip  before you seal the edges…You knew that, right??? Have fun teaching this story…Philip is a good example of a passionate follower of Jesus. Quick to obey where the Spirit was leading him and he had the added adventure of being “translated” from  the desert baptismal spa to Azotus…a good 20 miles away via the Holy Ghost Express.

If you are teaching the New Testament in chronological order you would want to place this lesson between “Stephen’s Standing Ovation” and “Peter’s Vision” posted August 31, 2011.

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