Tower of Babel

 The land of Shinar is the region of ancient Babylon… the seat of rebellion against  God. “Come, let us build ourselves a city, and a tower whose top is in the heavens; let us make a name for ourselves…” in other words…let us provide our own salvation !!! The people sought to be unified under a false religion so God confused their language and scattered the people over the face of the earth.

Print the worksheet with “brick-colored” card stock for the best effect .  It will take a full page of paper.  Trim curved edge so cone will stand flat when rolled.

                                                                  ^       ^                                          …snip 1/4 inch slits between the arrows (^)on the worksheet for 2 inches…this is the top of the tower and will be tucked in (see photo below)
Cut your tower  and verse like shown.

Tower of Babel - verse

Tower of Babel – verse

tuck top of tower edge ,roll into a cone  and tape as shown above. Note: the beginning of the verse will go taped under the bottom of the tower…before the word “and”.   Hey… check out what one class did on “kidsbible”. (Oct 13, 2012 )

*****Several have requested a different file size….here it is on pdf.tower-of-babel pdf worksheet  (verse)

tower-of-babel-wkst pdf-part-2    (tower)

27 thoughts on “Tower of Babel

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    • Hi Michele, I will send you a pdf file as an attachment to your email. I am just learning this stuff and am not very learn-ed in the different file types….let me know if you need a different size.

  2. This is so amazing, can’t wait to teach this lesson and do this craft at church for my children’s class. Thank you so much.

    • God is good…thank-you for the encouragement. Let me know if you need a different format. I am pretty “old-school” and really had no understanding about files and formats when I first started to post.

    • I was not able to get on-line over the week-end. I use a full sheet of card stock to print the Tower. Do you need a different file size than what is available on line? You might be able to make your own if you copy the idea onto a full sheet of paper. Make a cone shape and draw the bricks in…Tape to secure…that will be your master. Try it first and then email me and we will come up with something. (

  3. Thank you. We are working in rural Guatamala as missionaries and we are in need of crafts that take very few materials. This is looks great! I look forward to trying it. Thanks for the pattern this saves us lots of time.

  4. What a FABULOUS activity! I’ve been looking for an activity and this is by far the best one I have seen!!! 😀 I hope I can find some cones!!

      • Thank-you for the encouragement…I am just being “available” to the Holy Spirit and using the gifts He gives. He has gifts for all God’s children and there is great joy and satisfaction in investing in the eternal kingdom! Bibleauntie

  5. Hi Bible Auntie,

    Would you please send me a pdf file of these worksheets? I’ve been trying to print them off the website and it’s just not working out.
    Many thanks 🙂

    In Christ,

  6. Hello, please could you send me the attachment so I can print a larger size off please, as I’m hoping to use the craft at church tomorrow. Thank you! Jenny

    • Praise the LORD…I have tried to provide activities that reinforce the teaching of the Bible story and the eternal Word of God. He is worthy of your best and highest service. Bibleauntie

  7. Hello Bibleauntie, This is a wonderful project! Have the files been fixed? I printed the verse but it seems small. What size is supposed to be when printed? I want to make sure it will attach to the tower with the children tomorrow. Thank you in advance.

    God bless!

    • Hi Erica, Sorry I did not see your question. I scanned in all of the originals on a full size of card stock which is 8 1/2 by 11 inches. I’m hoping you can adjust your printer set-up to get the correct size…I use a copy machine so size is not an issue for me. Wish I could be more help.

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