Joseph in Egypt

Joseph and his Brothers

Our boy Joseph has had a rough time of it.  Sold into slavery, falsely accused and put in prison.  But then we read these amazing words “…the LORD was with Joseph”.  What a great lesson to teach kids.  They may go through some hard trials but God is good and  has an amazing purpose for all HE allows to touch HIS beloved children. (For a craft illustrating this portion of Joseph’s story go to the post on October 29, 2011, “Joseph is Tested”) To read about Pharaoh’s dream and Joseph’s rise to power check out Genesis 41-47.  Have kids write: “But the Lord was with Joseph.” on the top of the page. Give each participant 7 ears of corn to color, cut and glue on the healthy stalk . Make slit in sack to place Joseph’s  cup, which needs to be colored silver.  Optional: Trace sack  on another paper to glue on top, make tiny slits on side and thread twine to tie over sack . Glue popcorn on top. ( see example in photo)

3 thoughts on “Joseph in Egypt

  1. Thanks for sharing your helpful ideas that may touch many children you will never meet on earth . God bless you deeply .

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