Basic Tools

What do I consider essential tools for completing these projects? ( Besides the help you are asking the Holy Spirit for, of course ) I try and have scissors for each child.  You will need  glue sticks and Aleene’s tacky glue,  (I do not recommend white glue as it is too runny and the kids tend to squirt out too much and the projects won’t be dry by the time they leave to go home… Aleene’s is thick and lasts a long time.) magic tape (not cellophane), card-stock in as many colors as you can afford, but at least black and white. This is really an ideal weight of paper and very durable and puts up with a lot of abuse. Crayons, glitter (the kind I like is the Stampendous brand crystal glitter multi-ultra fine…this has a “see-through” quality  which is much nicer than the old-fashioned gold or silver kind we used as kids and lasts a very long time), gel pens ,* colored chalk, brass brads, regular colored contruction paper and colored tissue paper round out the basic supplies for the kids. A gel pen set is nice but at least have a few gold and silver pens for certain projects.  You (the teacher) will need an x-acto blade, ruler and stapler, a hole-punch and your favorite cutting scissors for prepping various lessons. (Fiskars makes a nice sharp student  scissors, easy to wield)  While each child will have their own “set-up” to complete their project, having to share  the glue, pens, and wait their turn for a particular color crayon  is good training. (*The colored chalk is good for your “lazy colorer”.  Some kids don’t like to color and chalk will color a large area at once if you break the pieces in half and place it on its side …it also “smears”.) Another thing you will notice is some kids will charge ahead without receiving any instructions…start to cut out things without coloring them first, etc.  Listening and following your directions will need to be stressed, or you will have cut-off arms and feet, etc.  I discourage giving out more than one set-up (unless there are tears) and if there are mistakes, keep your magic tape handy!!!  I would also like to share one teaching tool that has helped me the most.  I tell the kids I am easily distracted  (which is true ) so I make them sit down  on the floor without anything in their hands when I am telling the story. Older kids can sit on chairs or sofas…no cell phones please !!!

P.S. If you can splurge a bit with your budget, I also like the “heart” hole-puch.  You can cut the hearts in half for “tongues of fire” on the day of Pentecost or for raindrops…or any place you want a heart !

***I have to add Bic “Wite Out”….it is a very handy product to cover goofs! You may have older kids and would like them to write out their own verses… in which case you can Wite-out the verse I have written on the worksheet.  You may also be wondering how I store my lessons.  This is important as you may want to reuse the lessons and proper storage makes this a snap!  I have three binders; 2 for O.T. and 1 big one for N.T.  I bought plastic page protectors  and arrange each sleeve in biblically chronological order with a finished project and a master copy .  Any extra worksheet copies can go in another binder to use later.

A crayon recommendation: Hello Kitty makes a vibrant twist-up crayon that I love…put it on your “wish-list”. They provide excellent coverage and the 24 color package includes silver and gold.

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