Battle of Jericho

Battle of Jericho

Joshua chapters 2, 5 & 6 is where you will take this lesson from. You will need a skein of red embroidery thread to tape  or glue under Rahab’s window.  She hid the two spies that Joshua sent into Jericho and they escaped via a scarlet cord which she let down to enable them  to evade capture. Safety was promised to Rahab and all her father’s house if they remained in the room while the scarlet cord was tied to the window during the battle…a picture of the blood-bought redemption that saves us  from the penalty of our sin. (Color and cut out “heads”… glue soldiers as shown above.You will need to make a slit to place Rahab in the window then tape in place.  Have kids write verse from Joshua and if you have stickers you can spell out “BATTLE OF JERICHO”…otherwise write out!)

Battle of Jericho – worksheet

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