Mighty man of Valour

“Who me??? hiding in this winepress, threshing my wheat in secret to keep it safe from marauding hordes?”  But Gideon should believe the one delivering this message, for he is not just an angel of the Lord but The Angel of the LORD. (The pre-incarnate Christ appeared to several Old Testament men and women) Moses and Joshua warned the nation of Israel that incomplete conquest of the promised land would result in spiritual compromise as they would be tempted to make covenants with the Canaanites and leave their idolatrous alters standing. After Joshua died, the children Israel “did evil in the sight of the LORD” by worshipping other gods so they were allowed to be plundered  by those they had dispossessed. God raised up judges to deliver his children when they cried out to Him in their distress.  Read the story in Judges 6 & 7. I prefer the KJV spelling of valour…you can change it ! (but I do apologize for misspelling Midianites… it is corrected on the worksheet!)

Use glitter on The Angel of the Lord’s robe  (for recommended brand see “Basic Tools” blog posted on August 12, 2011), fold page and cut in half.  Color and cut out  figures to glue on and around winepress , write verse. 

6 thoughts on “Mighty man of Valour

  1. I really like your crafts and wondered if you were open to suggests of how you might change a craft or two. Such as this craft could be done with the inside of the well cut out and the top rim, sides and bottom glued down leaving the middle of the well unglued. Then you could have a whole head and a slit cut verticly so that once a tab is glued onto the head you could have Gideon hide and pop his head up to see the angel call to him. I was also thinking if you might be open to creating a book that has your basic ideas for the stories you have done and then perhaps how the story might be done with a little more work for those of us, like me, that has a little more time to share more details of the story – like a pop-up head in this story. I’d like to talk to you about it if you like to e-mail me privately. I hope you don’t mind this comments as I said, I really like these crafts you have given us and thank you for keeping true to the Bible story. Jan

    • I am hoping that you all, as teachers, will take these ideas and put your unique touches to them. Of course there are many ways to illustrate each lesson, but I have always admired the philosophy of George Washington Carver. He used his amazing God-given gifts and talents for the good of his fellowman. My goal has been to provide a curriculum free- of- charge for missionaries or rural church workers that have limited resources”…freely you have received, freely give”.

  2. Thanks for all you do – God has not gifted me to draw but if I could, I would put together a lot of things as you have done to illustrate the Bible stories you have presented here. In fact, Jesus being baptised was basically what I had in my head and when I found your site for the first time, I was soooo pleased – thank you. I am glad you offer your site and ideas free of charge but I could see you putting together a book at some point since you have so much to offer but we (I) will accept it for free. Thank you, also, for letting me and others put our on touches to what you have offered to us. I like to give the children something different to do each time since so many of my 4 and 5 year old will not color. I, also, look to give the children crafts that will keep them thinking about the Bible story and not just busy work and what you have here certainly does that – thank you again for all your hard work! Jan

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