Elijah at the Brook

God feeds Elijah

The prophet Elijah appears suddenly in 1Kings 17.  He has been sent to the Northern Kingdom (Israel) which has separated from the Southern Kingdom (Judah) as a result of Solomon’s disobedience.  During this time, all the kings of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord so prophets were sent to call the people to repentance before judgement would fall for forsaking the Living God.  Elijah has announced that it would not rain until he said it would !  The Lord told him to go hide at the brook Cherith , where he would command the ravens to feed him there.  When the brook dried up because of the drought he went to a widow in Zarephath to be provided for. (see lesson posted on 3/20/2013)  What an amazing story to encourage our hearts today as we see our provisions drying up before our eyes.  Will we trust the LORD?

You will need to have crackers for this lesson…the kids will eat some and glue a piece of one in Elijah’s hand. ***IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure you have made a note of any food allergies.  Have appropriate substitutes for those with wheat (etc) sensitivities. 

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