Queen Esther

Hadassah was being raised in the capital of the the Persian Empire.  She was Jewish, but hid her heritage at her older cousin  Mordecai’s recommendation, and went by the name of Esther.  There was a B-I-G beauty contest being held in the kingdom and all the beautiful, young virgins were being entered to pick a new queen for King Ahasuerus, also known as Xerxes.  Esther became the new queen and soon it became apparent why she was chosen.  The Jews had  a mortal enemy named Haman, who sought their destruction.  It was through the admonition of wise Mordecai, the bravery of  Queen Esther, the prayers and fasting of the Jews, and the Mighty Hand of the Lord, that this enemy was defeated.

Esther approaches "unbidden"

Esther approaches “unbidden”

The Jews celebrate Purim today in honor of this deliverance.  The worksheet features “interactive ” arms  that  you can move…  (P.S. If you are teaching the Old Testament in chronological order, this story should really be told after the following lessons in Daniel.)  For further instructions see the blog posted on August 25th, 2011.

Saved by King's scepter

Saved by King’s scepter

Easter, King and arms

Easter, King and arms

Esther - worksheet

Esther – worksheet

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