Daniel in the Lion’s Den

Daniel was one of three governors ruling in the Medio-Persian empire and was distinguished above all of the other officials in the kingdom because an excellent spirit was in him.  This caused great envy among his subordinates,and they sought to find some flaw in his governance, but could find no error or fault in him . These men determined to destroy Daniel and thought they could use his faith in God to trip him up.  They went to their ruler with great flattery, and asked him to establish a royal decree that no one could petition any god or man (except the king) for 30 days.  The penalty for disobeying this decree was a one-way ticket to the lion’s den.  When Daniel knew that the law was in place he boldly went to his house, and before his opened window, got down on his knees  to pray and give thanks to God as was his habit.  Daniel’s conspirator’s hurried to the king to report the infraction and demand that Daniel suffer the penalty.  Since Darius was the one who benefitted from Daniel’s faithful service, he was greatly dismayed that he had signed the decree into law, but he was bound by the protocol for thirty days.  Read the exciting conclusion in Daniel 6.

You will need regular-sized, brown lunch bags for the puppets.  Have kids color the lion’s head, cut out and glue to bottom of bag.  The next worksheet contains the bottom of the mouth, inside mouth piece pattern( make red) and the teeth…which go taped to the red piece.Glue inside mouth piece to what would logically be the inside of the lion’s mouth… if you have used card stock , you should be able to fan out the teeth so they are very ferocious- looking.  Color bottom of head, cut out  and position in place so top and bottom of lion’s head match up. Glue memory verse or write as shown in top photo.  Note to teachers:  Please make one of these ahead of time so you can see how the teeth fit and gauge the skill level of your kids…You may have to do some extra prepping for younger kids.

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