Parts of the Bible – 3

Parts of Bible - cover 2You will have to figure out how to print the 2 pages below on both sides of the same paper…that can be tricky because if you do not get them matched up correctly you will be cutting off words on the other side…(For example , the other side of where it says “Matthew, Mark , Luke and John”, should be  where “New Testament” lines up. The other worksheet has the figures that the kids will  color and glue as you teach each section.  You will need some thin red ribbon and black cardstock for the covers.  You will also need a full-size stapler to staple each section together.  I try to have the bibles semi- assembled for the kids ( covers and pages cut, sections stapled, then the kids can glue the pages down and attach the ribbon.They can highlight  “Surely I come quickly ” in red and on the inside front cover  have the kids write: “..I will not forget your word”.  Psalm 119:16             You can e-mail me with any questions.Each page, when you get them cut out and folded, should measure 2 3/4 in. wide by 2 14/16s. The covers should be cut 5 3/4 by  3 1/4 inches.  The figures should fit on the pages and measure almost 3 inches tall .  After they are colored then cut out and glued, they will have to be trimmed a bit to fit ! (I would rather cut off hair than feet!)

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