Queen Esther – worksheets

A few tips for success… PLEASE use card stock…Esther’s slim little arm will not “hold up” if you use regular copy paper.  You will need to make a slit in the queen’s sleeve to insert her arm.  She also needs a slit on the line for her to kneel into.(right above the words “standing in the court”)  take a pencil and draw a faint line underneath Esther. I forgot to make a tab under her body.  This will be the part that goes inserted into the slit so make the tab about 1/2 an inch or so and tape her into place after you have finished coloring the figures and your page.  You will also want to be careful where you place the king or you will have a pot growing out of his head!  This lesson was posted on Aug. 21, 2011 .

king and esther - improper placement

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