Sermon on the Mount

In the Sermon on the Mount, recorded in Matthew 5-7,  Jesus teaches his disciples many important aspects of how a true child of the kingdom of heaven should live.  Building one’s life on the “solid rock” is illustrated in in this lesson with a warning of ignoring this teaching! (Timely, wouldn’t you say..with Hurricane Irene barreling down on the east coast…our prayers are with you guys…)  oops,  raindrops glued upside down, oh well.

Have the kids draw a picture of a house on the “firm foundation”. Have them draw a similar house on a separate piece of paper.  This house you will cut into  6 strips and then tape the pieces  “in order” with magic tape ; the bottom will be taped to the “sand” on the bottom of the page. (color sand first!) Now the house is collapsible. Glue or color raindrops.

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