Jesus Defeats Death, Disease & Demons

The boat made it safely to the shore of the country of the Gadarenes and was met by a demon-possessed man, who recognized who Jesus was and cried out “What  have I to do with you, Son of the Most High God? ”  Jesus set the man free and told the man to go back to his home and tell what great things the Lord had done for him.  They journeyed back across the sea and was approached by Jairus, a ruler of the synagogue.  His 12 -year old daughter was a death’s door and he begged for Jesus to lay hands on her, that she might live.  Jesus went with him, followed by a throng of people.  A certain woman, which had a bleeding condition for 12 years and had become impoverished by doctor bills but had failed to improve, was desperate for healing.  She had heard of Jesus and came up behind him to touch His garment. Jesus stopped the procession of people to ask for the woman to acknowledge her step of faith in believing He could heal her.  The woman came and fell down before Him in fear and trembling , probably fearing the crowd’s reaction since she was considered “unclean” by her bleeding condition, and confessed her audacious action.  Jesus tenderly addressed her as “Daughter” and “Your faith (in Me) has made you well”. Just then, Jairus received word that his daughter had perished.  Jesus told the ruler of the synagogue to believe and not be afraid and He continued on His way to his home , where He raised  the girl to life.  What a wonderful, Savior.

For a description of the “fringes” read Numbers 15:38-39 and include this in your lesson.

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