Who can Enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

After Jesus had showed His displeasure with His disciples for rebuking those who had brought their young children so He could touch and bless them, one came running and knelt before Him and asked Him how he could inherit eternal life.  Jesus loved this rich, young ruler and told him that he must sell his possessions and come and follow Him.  The man went away sorrowful because that is not the answer he was expecting.  He thought he was already going to heaven because he was a good Jew, who kept the Law. Jesus showed him that his wealth was his real god.

Jesus and the rich, young ruler

He goes away sorrowful

“Magic tape” the rich, young ruler on the back of this page so the kids can tell the story and move the figures back and forth.  As I have mentioned before, colored chalk is a quick solution for coloring backgrounds!

Who can enter the Kingdom of Heaven - worksheet 1

Who can enter the Kingdom of heaven - wkst 2

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