Jesus Teaches in the Synagogue

Jesus heals crooked woman

This miracle of Jesus is tucked away in Luke 13 and mentioned only here in the gospels.  I like it so much because of the attitude of the woman who had been bent over  with a “spirit of infirmity” for 18 years.   The amplified version says “She was bent completely forward and utterly unable to straighten herself up or to look upward”…but here she was in “church”…nothing was going to keep her from worshipping God!   Jesus  notices her while he is teaching in a synagogue  and He calls her over to Him and she is set free by His loving touch.  The leader of the synagogue became indignant because Jesus had healed on the Sabbath but Jesus answered that the Sabbath is a perfect day to do good.   After coloring woman and synagogue, cut out woman and attach with brass brad.  Make tiny slit to place brad in.  Tape brad on back of page so it does not slip around and glue bottom portion of body to the main page.

Jesus heals crooked woman - part 2

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