Paul’s Shipwreck

Paul’s list of beatings, deprivations, perils, and shipwrecks in 2 Corinthians 11:24-27 makes one wonder how one man could bear that much “excitement”.  Towards the end of Acts we find Paul again on a ship, on his way  to Rome.  He had warned those in charge that the sailing would be dangerous but they did not heed his words. Read the exciting story in Acts 27-28.

Paul's shipwreck

6/13/2013  UPDATE: You can buy clear cellophane party treat bags in all sorts of colors…check these out, I bet they would work! ( I used colored plastic wrap which is hard to find now.)

I suggest making these up ahead of time. You will need 1/2 sheet of card stock for each project and  cut  a 4 inch slit with e-xacto blade  to place boat in . I tape a piece of paper on the back  of the slit to keep boat from slipping away but if you just tape the boat in place this step is not necessary.  Have kids color boat and cut out boat and sail.  Attach sail to toothpick and tape to back of boat.  They will need to color the sky, write the reference and draw any waves, cargo, anchors etc. before they tape on the wave portion that you have made.

2 thoughts on “Paul’s Shipwreck

  1. cool craft. Thanks . I will put on a paper plate (small), and use a Popsicle stick to allow children to make the boat rock on the waves.

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