Nehemiah Restores Hope


nehemiah 2

Nehemiah has so much to teach us so I hope you take the time to read Ezra and Nehemiah.            (Zechariah and Haggai also, if you have time…as they all tie together.)  Here is what is happening in a nutshell:  the Lord had stirred up the spirit of Cyrus to let the Jews go back to rebuild the temple. Only 42,360 went with Zerubbabel to reestablish the worship in Jerusalem.  They had just laid the foundation of the temple with much rejoicing but were frustrated in their plans by great opposition and forced  to stop until the second year of Darius.  Haggai and Zechariah prophesy to the Jews and they were encouraged to begin  the project where they left off .  The temple was finished in the sixth year of Darius.   Sixty years pass and Ezra, a  priest and skilled scribe, comes to Jerusalem to teach the Lord’s statutes and ordinances with much treasure to beautify the temple. The heads of families who accompanied Ezra  number 1,496.  After fasting and prayer, they arrived safely .  Ezra then received the bad report from the leaders that 17 priests, 10 Levites and 86 laymen had  inter-married with pagans, which was strictly forbidden by the LORD. This sin had to be severely dealt with.

Now we come to Nehemiah.  He was a cup-bearer to the king, Artaxerxes, and was given  upsetting news in the 20th year of this king’s reign.  Some men from Judah reported that the people in Jerusalem were in great distress and disgrace  because their walls were broken down, and their gates were burned with fire.  Nehemiah wept over this state of affairs, and prayed that the king would let him go to help his people.  The king granted Nehemiah’s request for letters assuring his safe passage and timber for the gates and the house he would occupy .  The enemy was “deeply disturbed that a man had come to seek the well-being of the children of Israel.” The people were rallied and able to complete the great work in 52 days in spite of tremendous hostilities. (If you are teaching chronologically, this lesson would be taught after Esther.) This book is remarkable to me, not only for it’s encouraging spiritual lessons, but because the LORD honors each worker explicitly by name…what  great treasure and reward is stored up for them in eternity!

Nehemiah – worksheet

Color both pages…match stones below with the main wall in the worksheet above.  Cut out stones and glue per sample above.  We want to learn the proper tools to fight the enemies’ opposition, so cut out and glue the tools (have kids choose where they want to glue tools…there is no “right” answer, each tool will overcome any of the “stumbling blocks”…please extend the “y” on the bottom stone (conspiracy)…it got cut off in the scan!

2 thoughts on “Nehemiah Restores Hope

    • Glad to hear it…Be sure and mention that everyone who participated is named in the Bible….even the GIRLS helped:). Also don’t forget to write in the “y” on conspiracy in your worksheets….it will not show in your copy.

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