Ruth and Boaz

Here is the newest story in this series.  This lesson would be placed after Samson and before Samuel, if you are teaching chronologically.

Ruth and Boaz - 2

The book of Ruth contains a wonderful picture of redemption.  The story takes place in the time of the Judges.  Naomi and her husband and two sons have left Bethlehem (the House of Bread) to sojourn in Moab due to a famine .  They stay 10 years, during which time Naomi’s sons and husband die, leaving her with 2 Moabite daughters-in-law: Ruth and Orpah.  Naomi decides to return to Bethlehem, and Ruth pleads to be allowed to accompany her, forsaking her homeland and gods, to embrace the one true God of Israel.  Once back in Bethlehem, Ruth offers to go glean in the fields and “just so happened” to come to the property belonging to  mighty Boaz…a kinsman of Naomi’s husband.  She was treated kindly by this man, and encouraged to continue in his fields for the duration of the barley harvest.  Naomi prompted Ruth to claim the provision that Boaz was more than willing to perform…that of a kinsman redeemer. He could buy back the property that was lost by Naomi’s husband and sons according to Leviticus 25: 25-28, and marry Ruth so that her husband’s family still had a name in Israel according to Deuteronomy 25: 5-10.  Ruth’s first-born son was Obed , the father of Jesse…the father of David. Optional: If you have access to barley kernels, you could glue them to the barley stalk.The worksheet above should be printed  on a full-sized sheet of card stock. (8 1/2 by 11 inches) The  worksheet below should produce ” 2 inch” squares with pictures from which the kids will choose “Who can be a Goel?”…both for Ruth and for mankind. Glue as shown in sample, and write your choices in the 4 lines provided. Write John 6: 35 in red ink.  Explain  who was born in Bethlehem. (Boaz, David, Jesus) and make sure the kids understand the definition of redemption, Redeemer etc.                                          

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 1

ruth and boaz - worksheet 2