Once I was blind…but now I see.

Jesus gives sight to the blind

Jesus gives sight to the blind

There are many ways to weave the healing of blind eyes into a meaningful lesson for kids.  Not only are there many references for Jesus giving sight to the blind , but there were many methods of healing, and much teaching in the gospels regarding spiritual blindness.  I don’t think you will need a worksheet for this lesson, but have on hand 1/2 sheet  of  black card stock per participant, a silver gel pen to write the verse, some magazine pictures of eyes and  some bright orange or yellow paper.  I took an x-acto blade and carved out the simple candle shape. Please take the time to pre-prep this . The kids will tape a bright-colored square of paper behind your cut-out

   After they write the verse they can glue the eyes down.  If they are good with scissors , have them find their own eyes in old magazines and cut them out. They can use another rectangle of the bright colored paper to write the title of the lesson with the particular reference(s)  you have chosen.  This craft would also be suitable for teaching the part  of the sermon where Jesus exhorts His followers to ” let their light shine…and  hide it under a bushel”…NO! (Matt. 5:14-16, Mark 4:21) or His “I am the light of the world” teachings from either John 8 or John 12.

2 thoughts on “Once I was blind…but now I see.

  1. I just found your website and I am very excited about your Bible crafts. I teach 4 & 5 years old SS and some of your crafts are just what I had in mind that’s if I could draw – LOL! So thank you so much for giving these ideas and templates to us for use with these precious children God has given to us to teach His Word. I, also, teach a mixed age group of children (from about 2 up to 13 years old) and so others of your Bible story crafts can be used with these older children who can get the concepts easier than the younger ones and yet not have to have them reduce down to the young ones level. Thanks again for all your hard work and sharing them with us. Jan

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