The Suffering Servant – Isaiah 53

Isaiah 53

Isaiah 53

We can’t leave our lessons in Isaiah without taking a glimpse of the numerous prophecies concerning the Messiah. He would be born of a virgin (Isaiah 7:14) and heralded by a messenger (Isaiah 40:3-5). “The Spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him,  the Spirit of wisdom and understanding.  The Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the LORD” (Isaiah 11:2).  He would perform miracles and preach good news (Isaiah 61:1)   In Isaiah 42, the LORD’S Servant is formally introduced as being One in whom He delights in , yet the coming anointed one would also be a suffering servant as pictured by Isaiah 53.  Despised and rejected, bruised and beaten…”His visage was marred more than any man.” (Isaiah:52:14)  This was Jesus, our trespass offering…but Hallelujah, His willing sacrifice satisfies once and for all, God’s requirement for the payment  of our sin debt.

Isaiah 53 – coloring page

Look Up Into the Heavens

Isaiah 40:26

“Have you not known?

Have you not heard?

The everlasting God, the LORD,

The Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints nor is weary.

His understanding is unsearchable, He gives power to the weak,

and to those who have no might He increases strength…”  Isaiah 40: 28-29

We have exceedingly great and precious promises.  Are we doing all we can to grow in our knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ?  If you are feeling weary or weak today, won’t you cry out to Him?

“Sing with Stringed Instruments”

Sing with stringed instruments

The inspiration for the last four blogs was the book of Isaiah.  Not only did the prophet warn the Jews of their headlong rush into disaster, but he brings hope to the everyone who truly thirsts for  spiritual life.  God invites all people to join themselves to Him and find a place in His house. (Isaiah 55 & 56) “Let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts; and let him return to the LORD, and He will have mercy on him…”( Is.55:7)  The memory verse from Isaiah 38, was written by King Hezekiah who thought he was going to die, having been  given a message from God by Isaiah.  He pleaded for healing and the prophet was sent to tell him he was to be given 15 more years. (some of the letters are missing from the word “instruments” above, but they are on the worksheet so no worries).


How many of you played a rubberband banjo as kids? The trickiest part of this will be threading the rubberbands through the card stock.  If you have a darning needle, poke 2 holes on both ends near the neckpiece we are inserting. (see sample)  The reason  this piece is also glued to thin cardboard is to give it more stability. It should be colored and cut out and glued with a generous portion of tacky glue.  Hold in place for several minutes. You will need 2 rubberbands that  measure at least 4 1/2 inches when one end is snipped.  After coloring your whole page, position your 2 rubber bands on the end you are starting with and force one end at a time into the hole you have made with the darning needle.  Pull through and secure each end with tape. Check to make sure your glue is set. Now work on the other end of the neck using the same method but this time add some tension.  This is what makes your rubber band “twang”. Tape each end piece of the rubberband separately.

how to tape rubber bands

Proclaim the Good News

Proclaim the Good News

Do you have a missionary emphasis Sunday at your church?  Sometimes we can get so caught up in telling our stories and getting our lessons completed, that we forget to pray for and acknowledge our missionaries and fellow brother and sisters that are in other parts of the world and may be experiencing difficulties due to natural disasters, financial pressures  and persecutions etc.  Many of you participate in Operation Shoebox during the holidays, but how about having the kids bring offerings to share during the rest of the year. Praying  and giving…a great way to start our week!


Isaiah 57:15

Isaiah 57:15

Isaiah 57:15

Isaiah gives us many vivid, important portraits of our great God; The glory of his majesty (chapter 2) and being  high and lifted up on His throne. (chapter 6)  He alone is worthy of our praise (chapter 12) for peace and salvation come from Him (chapter 26) as well as a severe sword to punish iniquity.  We hope in a  powerful yet tender-hearted, living God;  not the powerless work of men’s hand or imagination (chapters 40 & 44)  Another aspect of the LORD is mentioned in the verse for today’s blog…that the “High and Lofty  One inhabits eternity” .  (we’ll have to “Selah” about that one…which means pause, and think about that!)  This verse also opens discussion with your kids about repentance .

Before you start today’s lesson on the majesty and wonder of God, have the kids make their beads if you are using playdoh instead of store-bought beads.  They will need to dry out before being glued.  If you have some coffee or nut can seals, that will work great for the belt .  Otherwise you can use doubled-up foil with a hole punch, but it is more fragile.  For the bracelet, I used about 4 layers of foil, folding it so there are no raw edges.  Now lay it over a grooved pencil or pen so it will retain a slightly convex shape. For younger kids I would have these prepared ahead of time and put in baggies for distribution.  The beads are white playdoh with a drop or two of blue food coloring. Color the worksheet first and then glue on the jewelry with tacky glue.

Isaiah 57:15 worksheet

Isaiah 42:12

Praise in the islands - 2

A tiny stuffed hula girl , hanging from a rear-view mirror of a parked car was the inspiration for the background to accompany this verse .  This would bring cheer to a sick friend  or perhaps be a fun way to spend an afternoon with your older girls.  It is not recommended for younger children because of the intricate cutting involved so you may not consider this “Sunday School” material…but it is always appropriate to offer praise to our great God!

Isaiah 42:12 – worksheet

Cut the “grass” of the skirt as finely as you are able ( it does not matter if you miss some of the lines…it will still look good.  Just make sure you color it first).  Color the page, adding whatever scenery you would like and glue your flowers, lei and grass skirt as shown in sample. You can outline the verse in glitter and add extra flowers, of course.  Card stock is recommended.  For a complete table of contents of the Bible lesson series , scroll to the blog of December 26, 2011.  Aloha

If you would like to try this with younger kids you could color copy the sample and then make your own template for the grass skirt for them to cut out and glue on.   It is a very simple shape… draw your lines on the grass skirt wider to make it easier to cut.  They could also glitter around the verse.  If you don’t have access to a color printer you could use the worksheet here but simplify the flowers to make them easier to cut out.  I hope that helps.

The Widow’s Mite

The Widow’s Mite

Jesus sat over against the treasury  and was observing how the people cast their offerings in.  Many that were rich cast in much, but then there came a certain poor widow who threw in two small coins totaling half  a cent…the smallest offering allowed.  He called His disciples over and said to them, “I tell you the truth, that this poor widow has cast in more than all those who have given to the treasury : for they all put in out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty put in all that she had, even all her living.” What extravagant love and devotion! This amazing act of faith has echoed through the ages.  Can you imagine the rich treasure that is laid up for our sister in heaven?  By calling attention to her gift, Jesus is praising this woman’s motive and heart and the proportion of her gift…not the amount.  We can teach our kids to be cheerful givers…for this is what brings great pleasure  to our LORD…who gave His all for us!


Copy template to regular copy paper if you have access to duct tape…otherwise copy to card -stock.  Cut out shape and line back side of your paper with duct tape, over-laping the tape at least a quarter inch. Above verse, wrap another layer of tape  on the “flap”, front and back , and trim all the way around the solid line . Punch hole where shown on flap.  Fold- up to measure 3 1/2 in. by 2 1/4 in. and pleat the circular sides as pictured in the sample above.  Work from the edges…the center pleats last.

Do you see the dot towards the bottom.  That is where you will have the kids position and sew the button.( use double thread, making sure the button is placed on  the taped side…a double knot will hold it tight.  Also note that a thin button works best.  )  If you have young kids you   might want to invest in some velcro dots .  You will have to make tiny slits on both sides of the punched hole so the button can slip in and out. (I like using the duct tape because there is some “give” when working the button…also the newer colored duct tape is more plastic-y than the old silver kind…but it does not stick as well!)   If you are able, give each child  two of your countries least valuable coins to further illustrate the lesson.  Make sure you make up one of these ahead of time so you can practice pleating up the sides.   One of my middle school students showed me a trick to pleating…Take your “wings” and fold as shown left to right.  Crease well and you will have nice guides for pleating.  Also, if you have older kids you might want them to be able to write out their own verse. I’ve included a plain template for you.

Plain template - widow's mite


A Widow's Mite - template