The Good Samaritan

Good Samaritan

Good Samaritan – worksheet b

We will be spending the rest of our Christian lives applying the principles of this story.  Jesus is being challenged by a scribe (“lawyers” of their day) with a question, seeking to narrow the scope of his moral obligations.  Jesus blasts his misconceptions of “who is my neighbor?”  as being anyone who needs your help.  Instructions are given on worksheet b and I hope you spend some time going over the scenarios in each picture.  Bottom row, Left to Right:  Homeless man is being offered an apple and sandwich from a boy; Boy is sitting alone, kicking the dust, wishing he could join in with the other boys; Child has fallen and scraped his knee and a guy skating by offers support and a band-aid; Boy is engrossed in his video game while his actual neighbor next door is experiencing a house fire.  Top row, Left to Right:  Elderly woman is watching a neighbor child mowing her grass, which she is unable to care for; Boys have included another in their game; A boy lays unconcerned on the beach, plugged into music while a person in the water needs help; Mom has just started to carry groceries into the house and could use some help, but her able-bodied youngster is in a hurry to leave to enjoy his pursuits.

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