Isaiah 42:12

Praise in the islands - 2

A tiny stuffed hula girl , hanging from a rear-view mirror of a parked car was the inspiration for the background to accompany this verse .  This would bring cheer to a sick friend  or perhaps be a fun way to spend an afternoon with your older girls.  It is not recommended for younger children because of the intricate cutting involved so you may not consider this “Sunday School” material…but it is always appropriate to offer praise to our great God!

Isaiah 42:12 – worksheet

Cut the “grass” of the skirt as finely as you are able ( it does not matter if you miss some of the lines…it will still look good.  Just make sure you color it first).  Color the page, adding whatever scenery you would like and glue your flowers, lei and grass skirt as shown in sample. You can outline the verse in glitter and add extra flowers, of course.  Card stock is recommended.  For a complete table of contents of the Bible lesson series , scroll to the blog of December 26, 2011.  Aloha

If you would like to try this with younger kids you could color copy the sample and then make your own template for the grass skirt for them to cut out and glue on.   It is a very simple shape… draw your lines on the grass skirt wider to make it easier to cut.  They could also glitter around the verse.  If you don’t have access to a color printer you could use the worksheet here but simplify the flowers to make them easier to cut out.  I hope that helps.

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