Isaiah 57:15

Isaiah 57:15

Isaiah 57:15

Isaiah gives us many vivid, important portraits of our great God; The glory of his majesty (chapter 2) and being  high and lifted up on His throne. (chapter 6)  He alone is worthy of our praise (chapter 12) for peace and salvation come from Him (chapter 26) as well as a severe sword to punish iniquity.  We hope in a  powerful yet tender-hearted, living God;  not the powerless work of men’s hand or imagination (chapters 40 & 44)  Another aspect of the LORD is mentioned in the verse for today’s blog…that the “High and Lofty  One inhabits eternity” .  (we’ll have to “Selah” about that one…which means pause, and think about that!)  This verse also opens discussion with your kids about repentance .

Before you start today’s lesson on the majesty and wonder of God, have the kids make their beads if you are using playdoh instead of store-bought beads.  They will need to dry out before being glued.  If you have some coffee or nut can seals, that will work great for the belt .  Otherwise you can use doubled-up foil with a hole punch, but it is more fragile.  For the bracelet, I used about 4 layers of foil, folding it so there are no raw edges.  Now lay it over a grooved pencil or pen so it will retain a slightly convex shape. For younger kids I would have these prepared ahead of time and put in baggies for distribution.  The beads are white playdoh with a drop or two of blue food coloring. Color the worksheet first and then glue on the jewelry with tacky glue.

Isaiah 57:15 worksheet

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