“Sing with Stringed Instruments”

Sing with stringed instruments

The inspiration for the last four blogs was the book of Isaiah.  Not only did the prophet warn the Jews of their headlong rush into disaster, but he brings hope to the nations..to everyone who truly thirsts for  spiritual life.  God invites all people to join themselves to Him and find a place in His house. (Isaiah 55 & 56) “Let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts; and let him return to the LORD, and He will have mercy on him…”( Is.55:7)  The memory verse from Isaiah 38, was written by King Hezekiah who thought he was going to die, having been  given a message from God by Isaiah.  He pleaded for healing and the prophet was sent to tell him he was to be given 15 more years. (some of the letters are missing from the word “instruments” above, but they are on the worksheet so no worries).


How many of you played a rubberband banjo as kids? The trickiest part of this will be threading the rubberbands through the card stock.  If you have a darning needle, poke 2 holes on both ends near the neckpiece we are inserting. (see sample)  The reason  this piece is also glued to thin cardboard is to give it more stability. It should be colored and cut out and glued with a generous portion of tacky glue.  Hold in place for several minutes. You will need 2 rubberbands that  measure at least 4 1/2 inches when one end is snipped.  After coloring your whole page, position your 2 rubber bands on the end you are starting with and force one end at a time into the hole you have made with the darning needle.  Pull through and secure each end with tape. Check to make sure your glue is set. Now work on the other end of the neck using the same method but this time add some tension.  This is what makes your rubber band “twang”. Tape each end piece of the rubberband separately.

how to tape rubber bands

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