The Path of the Wise

Proverbs 15:24

My son and I are collaborating on two new lessons.  One will be on heaven  and the other will be on hell from Luke’s Gospel, “The rich man and Lazarus”.  I would like to use the technique that was used in the background for the verse above.  You will need a can of foamy (not gel) shave cream, red and yellow food coloring , some sort of brush (wider bristle is best …3/4- 1 inch) and a toothpick. Try practicing with a half  sheet of white cardstock in your sink.  Squirt some shaving cream in a plastic lid…about 1/4 cup.  Drop 3-4 drops of red foodcolor and in different spots drop your yellow.  Take your tooth pick and lightly swirl the colors. Load up your brush with cream/color mixture and spread in long even strokes, covering your paper….once you apply the mixture in one area, don’t go back and disturb it with more strokes.  Wait 2 minutes and now the “magic” happens.  Wipe your page with a paper towel.  If you want to save the shaving cream  (it can be used more than once),  you can “squeegie” it into a pile with a ruler or a spatula.  You should have some pretty interesting “flames”.  You tube has some demonstrations of this but they have you squirt your shaving cream in a paper plate,  drop your colors…swirl them,  and then plop your paper facedown in the mixture. Their results are not as dynamic but it is a less messy process….I think!!!!!  I recommend plenty of wet paper towels for clean up.  The one advantage of making these ahead of time, is that they can be thoroughly  dried, stacked up and put under heavy books to flatten as they will tend to curl up. You might consider a 2-part lesson…Jesus had a lot to say about this subject!


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