A Gift for Mom

Proverbs 25:11

“Timely advice is lovely.  Like golden apples in a silver basket.” Proverbs 25:11

“Bid the older women…to give good counsel and be teachers of what is right and noble.” Titus 2:3

It will be easy to weave a lesson honoring Mothers some time in May. Haven’t you received timely advice from a godly woman in your life? Whether you are  currently teaching in the Old Testament with Hannah or perhaps Jehosheba ( she rescued Prince Joash  in 2 Kings 11) or in the New Testament with Mary or Timothy’s mother, Eunice…I hope you will take a couple of weeks to do this project with your kids.    The apples are made out of paper mache so they should be made a week before you need them so they can dry. For this step you will need plenty of newspaper, tape , and a real apple to refer to. The paste is easy to mix up…just have your  apple forms made first. Each child will need a full page of newspaper.                                       Start to roll all the ends to the center.

roll all ends toward center

Use a sturdy tape to hold  the shape together.  It will help if you have a real apple to refer to.

tape to shape

Now that you have your apple forms made, mix up the paste in a large bowl so 4-5 kids can work from each container . Have 6 inch strips ready to dip into the paste.   Wisk two cups of flour, two & 1/3 cups of water and a teaspoon of salt (inhibits mold) mixing until there are no lumps.  This should give you plenty  of paste for 8-10 apples . Dip a single strip into the paste with one hand and “squeegie” off excess with your fingers of your other hand.(You may have to demonstrate) If the paste is too runny and spatting everywhere, add  a little more flour.  If it is too thick it will be hard to squeegie off and the strips will tear so add a bit more water…be sure you make one up ahead so you can work out the kinks!  There should be at least 2 layers of strips on your apple to cover all the tape.  Give the bottom end a good squeeze.  Please note that a container of some sort filled with water and some paper towels will be needed for clean-up!

squeezing end

adding pasted strips

Have you planned where these can be left to dry? All should be identified  with names or at least initials.( after class you may need to pat down the apples  to smooth any stray pieces that stick up )….it would be a good idea to make up a few extra apples for any visitors you may have on the day you present them so no one is left out.  If a child is absent on the “tissue paper” day but has made the form…please do not give his to another child.  You could make up a baggie with tissue squares, twig and leaf with verse, to send home with them the next time they attend your class.  I’m sure their mother will appreciate it. To complete your apples you will need squares of tissue paper (or gold duck tape as shown below if you are using that option).  I used yellow and peach colors with stripes of red, but you can make green or red apples too.  Some tissue packs even have gold!  You will need a brush for each participant but they can share the glue.  I used tacky glue but this needs to be thinned  a bit with water.

All of the newspaper on the apple should be covered in tissue paper squares.  Paint the area with glue…pick up your tissue paper with the end of the brush and pat down. You can layer several colors. Placing a square of plastic wrap down makes a good work surface.  Optional step: your older kids might want to add a tiny crumpled ball of tissue paper to the bottom end of their apple and colored with a marker when dry.  You will need a leaf and twig to complete each apple.

bottom of apple

stem and leaf detail

adding tissue squares

To add your stem, squirt a blop of glue to the top of your apple and press in your twig to the desired length. (some of my kids had trouble inserting their twig…have a sharp pencil handy just in case) The leaves can be made from green construction paper or you can color white paper with a green marker or gel pen.  If you have young children, you can print off a page of leaves with the verse from Proverbs 25:11 and they can color them. These should measure  aprox.2 inches by 1 inch and if you cut them with kitchen sheers you get a nice serrated edge.  Older kids can write the verse themselves.  Save one side of the leaf for the “I love Mom”. These can be glued to the stem with tacky glue.  The finished apples can be put in the bowls to take home and finish drying. You will need  a small paper bowl for each apple that is to be  completely covered in aluminum foil, top and bottom.  I added extra support to the handle with a  straw by rolling the straw in a piece of foil that is 3 inches wide to start….fold raw ends inward to strengthen edge.  Roll and press the foil…then form your handle, taping it underneath the edge of the bowl.  A note about bowls….look for shallow ones as a deep shape is harder to cover with the foil without tearing…

getting ready to roll foil around a drinking straw to make the handle for the basket

… add a ribbon if desired.  Another fun option with less mess and no drying time, is to cover your dried paper mache apple form with gold duck tape as shown below.  Stem should be added before taping!


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