“We Shall all be Changed”

We shall all be changed

We shall all be changed

We have already emphasized  the importance of watching and waiting for the LORD’S return. (August 30, 2011 Blog) In 1 Corinthians, Paul is explaining what will happen to our mortal bodies at that time… we will put on immortality – this is our incorruptible spiritual body that will never perish.

Butterflies are fragile but they are a good example of transformation (metamorphosis)…what was once a fuzzy,earthbound, sluggish bug completely changes into a beautiful, soaring creature with 2 pairs of large wings covered with iridescent scales in overlapping rows.

Instructions: The flowers are 3 different size circles.  Cut petals , slightly bend them forward and stack.  The centers are pepper !   Find a butterfly you like and copy it, cut out the wings provided in the butterfly worksheet, or have the kids draw their own.  To make the caterpillar you need 1  (12 inch) color pipe cleaner (chenille stems) for threading the body which will end in the feelers, and  2 other colors .  Fold these 2 colors in half (6 in. each) and cut.  You need will need a total of 6 for the body, 3 of each color. Wrap each one around a pencil, and thread as shown.  You might also add these to the apple baskets in the previous blog…

Butterfly worksheet

If you decide to use the butterfly here…I suggest printing one to make sure the sizing is correct.

The large wing should measure about 2 & 1/4 inch.

threading first part of body

threading rest of body

add eyes and curl feelers (smile optional)

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