“Let the Redeemed of the LORD Say So”

Let the redeemed of the LORD say so *

Do you remember  where we last left Elisha?  He had counseled the king of Israel to treat the Syrian raiders mercifully , after they had been struck with blindness according to his word, and led into Samaria. ( 2 Kings 6). These  mercenary raiders came no more to the land of Israel after being given a feast, but  later we find Ben- Hadad, king of Syria, brought  his army to besiege Samaria.  The people  of Samaria were being starved and  King Jehoram blamed Elisha and wanted to kill him. But Elisha had good news for the king”…hear the word of the LORD”…tomorrow there would  be plenty of food!  Now there were four lepers at the entrance of the gate of Samaria; and they said to one another, “Why do we sit here until we die?” They reasoned that since there was no food in the city, why not go to the Syrian camp.  These hungry  men discovered an empty camp  because the LORD had caused the Syrian hosts to hear the sound of a great army…do you think it was the same angelic army that Elisha’s servant was blessed to see? Every soldier had fled in the night for their lives, leaving  behind all their belongings. These four must have been ecstatic, and after having satisfied their own appetites, and stashing provisions in hiding places, they became convicted .  They rushed to the starving city to share their good news.  ( We are also recipients of “life-saving” good news…are we sharing it?)

Four lepers – worksheet

Color and cut out the figures and shield. They should measure  approx. 4 1/2 inches tall.  Using plain cheesecloth, and keeping it double thickness…or even quadruple  thickness… cut a piece to fit within the dotted lines and shaded area of the “tent” worksheet and glue down with a glue stick.  I suggest you cut  a little more than you think you will need as the excess can be folded under easily…an 8 inch by 9 inch rectangle should be plenty.  Glue figures and shield as shown in the sample after coloring inside of the tent. Optional: add spears which are made with twigs and silver-colored paper.   For a bit of fun you might dye the cheesecloth .

Let the redeemed wkst- background

plain white cheesecloth

I would like to thank my son, Aaron Ernst, for sharing his talent with me by drawing the figures.

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