Man of the Tombs – alternate worksheet

Man of the Tombs 8***

Man of the Tombs – worksheet

Because I am so inspired by the compassion of  our Savior  in this story,  I decided to make a less complicated, alternate project . Color the page  and write an appropriate verse.  Again, I used the thick foil seal from a nut can to make the “fetters” but regular foil is o.k. too.  Cut three, shape a slight curve  over a pencil before gluing these on where indicated with a thick blop of tacky glue. You will also need one of those small novelty chains… (the kind that a rabbit’s foot is attached to)  This chain can also be purchased by the spool… Look for “ball chain”. Poke a tiny hole with a pencil by the man’s leg to insert the end of the chain.  Now make another tiny hole to inset the  other end of the chain in. Tape the ends on the back. (Don’t forget to check out the video mentioned in yesterday’s post)

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