Under the Shadow of Your Wings (Psalm 36:7)

Psalm 36 verse 7

“For You have been my help.  I will rejoice in the shadow of your wings.” Psalm 63:7

“Keep me as the apple of your eye; Hide me under the shadow of your wings.” Psalm 17:8

“I will dwell in Your tent forever.  I will take refuge in the shelter of your wings.”  Psalm 61:4

*          *          *          *          *          *           *           *           *          *           *           *           *           *

Before David reigned as King of Israel, he had experienced God’s protection over and over again.  Saul was seeking him everyday but God did not deliver David into his hand.  Jonathan even came to him in the woods “to strengthen his hand in God” , but afterwards members of his own tribe revealed David’s stronghold  to Saul.  At one point “…Saul went on one side of the mountain, and David was on the other side of the mountain.  So David made haste to get away from Saul, for Saul and his men were encircling David and his men to take them.  But a messenger came to Saul, saying ‘Hurry and come, for the Philistines have invaded the land!’ Therefore Saul returned from pursuing David…” ( 1 Samuel 23: 14-29) Truly he had been taking refuge “under the shelter of His wings.”

Part of teaching the Bible to kids is going over proper methods of interpretation such as (1) knowing what  life was like in the culture and times the passage was written, (2)  that they can not take a verse out of context ,(3)  and that they must know the meaning of the words used.  (4) The interpretation of a specific passage must not contradict the total teaching of scripture on a specific point….in other words – scripture interprets scripture, (5)  and they must know the correct “genre” of the passage whether history, parable, prophecy or poetry.   When going over verses like the one above from Psalms, be sure and explain to kids that David was using  poetry  to describe God’s care and protection .  God does not really have wings !


If you would like to try this project, you will need color tissue paper and scissors, thinned white glue and brushes. I added a real feather to the back…just cover up where it is attached with some “tissue” feathers.  Choose any verse from above and have the kids write this first.  Have fun cutting the tissue paper and layering the colors to look like feathers. They can glue right on top of  the worksheet like a collage.  You can’t goof-up a colored-tissue project!

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