Food Allergies

I have just finished reading a book on food allergies and have been  woefully ignorant of how severe they can be.   I have added warnings on previous posts where food items were utilized in the lesson… but from now on I am going to insist on “health information” cards on all of the kids I teach.  They will include name, age (birthdate) any known allergies and an emergency phone number. Kids with severe allergies should not even be at the same table with the items they are sensitive to, so please be aware of this and plan your lessons accordingly.   If you are new to the Blog…WELCOME…for a complete list of Bible Lessons see the previous two posts!

Table of Contents New Testament

Messiah is Born   (8/25/11 & 11/26/12)

Wisemen Seek Him  (8/25/11)

Boy Jesus   (8/25/11)

Jesus Baptized   (8/25/11)

Temptation of Christ   (8/25/11)

Jesus Seeks His Disciples  (8/26/11)

Water to Wine   (8/26/11)

Sermon on the Mount   (8/27/11)

Nick at Night   (8/27/11)  (02/08/2014)

The Woman at the Well (10/14/2013)

Widow of Nain (9/26/2013)

Jesus Heals the Paralytic   (8/27/11)

Parable of the Sower (1/02/2012)

Jesus Stills the Storm   (8/27/11)

Man of the Tombs (6/19/2012)

Jesus Defeats Death (Jairus’ daughter) and Disease (woman who bleeds)     8/29/11

Jesus Feeds the Multitudes/Walks on Water   (3/06/2012)

Transfiguration   (8/29/11)

Miracle of the Tribute Money (5/09/2013)

The Good Samaritan  (2/4/2012)

Light of the World   (12/11/2011)

Parable of the Rich Fool   (4/8/2012)

Jesus heals a Daughter of Abraham   (8/30/11)

Jesus Saves (a lost sheep, a coin, a son)    8/30/11

Rich Man and Lazarus (3/20/2012)

Remember Lot’s Wife (1/13/2012)

Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector (10/30/2013)

Who can enter the Kingdom of Heaven – Rich Young Ruler   (8/29/11)

Raising Lazarus   (8/30/11)

Mary Anoints Jesus (3/01/2012)

Only One says Thanks (Jesus cleanses the ten lepers)  8-17-2013

Zacchaeus is Found  (7/2/2013)

Jesus Cleanses the Temple   (8/30/11)

The Widow’s mite (2/12/2012)

Watch and Pray  “Olivet Discourse”   (8/30/11)

The Five Foolish Virgins ( 1/12/2013)

Jesus Serves  – “The Last Supper”   (8/30/11)

Gethsemane   (8/31/11)

Suffering Servant – Isaiah 53 fulfilled  (2/23/2012)

Resurrection   (8/31/11)  Alternate “Empty Tomb craft” (3/26/2013)

Doubting Thomas   (8/31/11)

Peter Restored – The  miraculous catch of 153 fish    (8/31/11)

Pentecost   (8/31/11)

God’s Holy Convocations – Part One   (5/21/2012)

Lame Man Healed  (8/31/11)

Stephan’s Standing Ovation   (8/31/11)

Philip and the Man from Ethiopia  (8/7/2011)

Paul Let Down in a Basket  (8/20/2012)

Tabitha raised to Life   (1/28/2012)

Peter’s Vision   (8/31/11)

The Church Prays   (8/31/11)

Paul and Silas   (8/31/11)

Paul’s Shipwreck   (8/31/11)

“Do Not Forsake the Assembling Together…”  (8/10/12)

“We Shall All Be Changed”   (5/8/12)

The Revelation of Jesus Christ    (9/6/11)

“Behold, I Stand at the Door”   (8/1/2012)

“Behold I Come Quickly…” Rev. 22:12   (10/23/12)

Heaven    (3/27/2012)

Gospel Tract – handwritten (9/13/2011)

Gospel tract – annotated (7/6/2012)

A Gift for Mother   (5/2/12)