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Alpha and Omega

“… I am Alpha and Omega…”

Do you have grandkids or the neighbor’s child  visiting?  I will be sharing  many Bible story projects that I have  developed and  used through the years teaching Sunday School.  (For a complete table of contents for Old Testament stories see the post from 6-19-2012 and for New Testament stories see the post on 4-2-2013)  There are a few coloring pages, but most of the handwork involves some sort of cutting and/or  gluing as well as coloring.   Sometimes I am tempted to throw a few recipes into the blog…but lifting up the name of our glorious LORD is a real passion with me so let’s stick with the B-I-B-L-E.   I am a born – again Christian (Baptist  heritage) who accepts no other revelation about  the Most High God that does not originate in the Holy Scripture. I love the LORD Jesus Christ  as revealed by HIS  infallible WORD  and children. If you are a teacher of God’s Word, you should know the warning in James 3:1  and be very careful that you strictly adhere to what the Bible is saying. There are many  ideas about Jesus and God taught today that are not the God and Jesus of the Bible.  My desire is that you get excited teaching the Bible to kids and I hope you don’t leave your preparation until the last minute because most of these projects will require your t-i-m-e, especially if you have younger kids… but hey….they are free!!! Worksheets  and instructions are uploaded  for each story . Please pass-on this link to any rural church you may know of, that may need this kind of resource.  Thank-you and God Bless .     My email is bibleauntie@gmail.com .

“Freely you have received…freely give…”

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  1. I love the idea of the story of the woman been healed in the synagogue, i was looking for something different and i found it in this website kids are going to love it. God bless. Addies

  2. Thanks Addies….I was inspired by Pastor Matt Fox for this lesson. His sermons are freely available via the internet from “The Way, the Life, the Truth” …the radio program his church sponsors. (a Calvary Chapel in Bandon, Oregon)

  3. Just found your pages and I love them! Will definitely be back to see all the wonderful things you have here. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your activities are FANTASTIC!!!!! I can’t believe that you are sharing them with us for free. What a blessing this is!

    • Thank the LORD because He is the one who made it possible by allowing me to use the talents He gave me for His glory😀 I encourage all of His saints to serve Him and love Him heartily, zealously, and tirelessly!

  5. I came upon your wonderful website this afternoon but am a little overwhelmed trying it find a lesson on Joseph’s translating pharaoh’ dream. Also I am not sure how to print a lesson. Would appreciate your help. I am aSunday teacher of grades 3-5
    Thank you.
    Love in Christ.
    Ann Craven

    • Hi Ann,To find the story you want you need to go to the table of contents and see the date that the story was posted. Then scroll back to the date and find the story. You should be able to print the worksheets by clicking on the picture. If you still have problems I will email you the worksheet you need. I just got my new computer and can now send them in a more timely manner. Bibleauntie (also an Anne!)

  6. Thank you for your response. I did get it figured out and was able to print it out.
    I am grateful to have this wonderful resource to use as I teach lessons to the children in my class.
    Thanks again.

  7. I just stumbled on your blog through Pinterest, and I think I’ll be hanging out here a lot. I just started helping with the After-School crafts at our church, and I think we can use a lot of your ideas. Thanks so much for sharing them!

  8. Yours is one of the first sites I check for Bible lesson resources. I enjoy the fun art style, but it’s the sound basis in Scripture that makes them so much more valuable. Thanks for all your hard work in sharing these resources (especially the blank versions for substituting another language)!

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