Look and Live – continued

This is a two-part lesson that spans Old and New Testaments. The story is found in Numbers 21 but more importantly, Jesus refers to this incident in John 3:15.  You will need black cardstock, gold gel pens, google eyes, glue  and a worksheet.  If your kids can not read cursive you can re-write the worksheet. To reinforce the gospel message there is a “Gospel”

Look and Live - worksheet

Look and Live – worksheet

crossword to go with this teaching. To assemble the booklet,  staple 4 pages of black cardstock together, 4 1/2 inches long by 6 inches wide. Use previous blog to show you placements for the verses .  Here is the page line up:

1. Front cover – Isaiah 45:22 ( 3 pairs of goggle eyes)

2.  “…and the people spoke against God…”, picture of kids

3. “Therefore the people came to Moses…” pic of Moses

4. “Look and Live” (have kids draw pole and brass serpent)

5. “The LORD said to Moses, ‘Make a fiery serpent…'”

6. Pic of Nicodemus and Jesus

7. John 3:14-15 – draw a little cross on a hill and have kids write out the verse.

Look and Live

This was the verse that God used to convict  the great preacher, Charles Spurgeon and convert him in 1850……….and one of the best stories from the Old Testament  to illustrate this concept of “saving faith”   from Numbers 21.

Look and Live cover

Look and Live -cover 

Look and Live - 2

Look and Live – 2

Look and Live 3

Look and Live 3

The people were complaining…certainly not the first time. It takes place near the end of their forty year journey  through the wilderness…  We read in Numbers 21:4 that the “soul of the people was much discouraged because of the way”




….Basically they were tired of the menu that God was providing  (vs, 5) and  impatient their journey was taking so long.

As a result, the people spoke against God…never a good idea.  They were severely chastised.

Look and Live 4

Look and Live 4

Look and Live 5

The LORD provided a means of salvation….all the people who had been bitten by the fiery serpents needed faith to believe God’s word to Moses…just look at the brass serpent on the pole…and live!!!

Look and Live 6

Look and Live 6

Look and Live 7
Look and Live 7

Jesus also referred to what it took to save the children of Israel who were bitten by the deadly snakes… a simple faith in the word of God and a willingness to believe in His provision. (continued)