Jacob’s Dream

Jacob's Blessing

Don’t you love this verse .  I’ve always wondered how Jacob could  sleep so soundly as to see a ladder to the throne of God with a rock as a pillow!   I apologize for my angels ,  I’m sure they are mightier than I have been able to draw. At least you can color them to be dazzling …or draw your own…:) When you teach the story, make sure you include Jacob’s deception and his reason for having to flee his home. In spite of being a rascal,  God chose him to  inherit the land on which he was lying,  to have offspring as numerous as the  dust of the earth and  from whom “all the families of the earth shall be blessed”.  The complete story is found in Genesis 29- 34. I used glitter  on angels and drew stars with metallic gel pens.A note about angels: We only have a few descriptions of angels in the Bible. We know there are several types mentioned : messengers, destroying angels (2 Sam.. 24:16) archangels, cherubim and seraphim, and the anointed cherub that covereth . Wings are only associated with cherubim (4 wings) and seraphim (6 wings).  We do know angels are powerful and can pass as humans  (hence, without wings).   They are not chubby babies.   Some of the lessons on this blog portray angels with wings….others do not !