The Church Prays For Peter

The Apostle James has been killed by Herod and because there was such a favorable response from the Jews, he imprisoned Peter, who was to face a similar fate…but the church was praying without ceasing for him.  Peter was heavily guarded and secured with chains but an angel of the Lord was sent to rescue him.  As he walked out of the prison with the angel, he thought it was all a dream and it wasn’t until he was outside on the street that he realized he was truly free. He came to the home where the church was meeting and still praying for him and knocked on the door.  He had to knock for quite a while as it was hard for them to believe he was freed and their prayers answered!

This is a fun project but very messy. Have the kids choose light, bright crayons and fill a page with color.  It should be a space about 5 inches by 7 inches.  Make sure they apply heavy pressure. The coloring needs to saturate the page.  Now they will cover the area they have just colored with black crayon and then comes the fun part…..they scratch the design….fingernails work great but you might want to provide something to scratch with…experiment with a paper clip edge….somethings work better than others. The verse is from James 5:16b “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective” and I have the kids write the verse on another paper and glue their dynamite page to it.


Wise Men Follow the Star

Time to break out the glitter…foil stars and metallic gel pens…Let’s celebrate His birth!!!  I always ask the kids if they want me to help them with the glue.  If you use “Tacky Glue” you can squirt out a nice line and it will not run.  You can  set up a special “glitter station” and instruct the kids to always place a paper under their project to catch the excess glitter (tap, tap, tap) or it will get everywhere .  You want to make sure it does not get into eyes so  check their hands when they are finished.

Wisemen Still Seek Him

We know that many astronomers came to find the King of the Jews, not just three.  Maybe they had  heard of the prophesies from Daniel, who was the most illustrious of the “wise men” in Persia over 500 years before.  They brought gifts to present to the young child as they fell down to worship Him.  Do we have as great a passion and devotion as these Wise Men?