Peter and John Went to Pray

“Peter and  John went to pray,

Peter and John meet the lame man

they met a lame man on the way,

He held out his hand, and he asked

for alms,

and this is what Peter did say…

“Silver and gold have I none,

but such as I have give I thee,

In the name of Jesus Christ, of

Nazareth, rise up and walk”

He went walking and leaping and praising God…”(words of children’s song)

The new church was growing .  Those saved on the day of Pentecost were  continuing “steadfast in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers…many signs and wonders were done through the apostles…and the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved.” Acts 2: 42-47  Peter and John were going to the temple to pray when they met a lame man who had been carried daily at the gate of the temple called  Beautiful, to ask alms of all who entered the temple.  Perhaps he was begging there when the Savior was in Jerusalem!  He asked alms of Peter and John but got something much better…”The faith which come through Him (Jesus) has given him this perfect soundness in the presence of you all.” Acts 3:16  Peter used this occasion to preach another sermon and many who heard the word believed, in spite of his arrest.

“…the word of God is not chained.” 2 Timothy 2:9

I have designed this lesson to be made into a card….As a Father’s Day Card, you would have the kids write…”Dad, Your love is better than silver or gold “…..Love, child’s name…

Fold your background paper in half.   Peter and John and the lame man go colored and cut out and glued on the cover…your fold will be at the top.  Write verses.  Your healed man goes glued inside.  Make a “Jacob’s ladder” to place under figure so it will jiggle.  Write verses.  Use gold or silver pens on black backgrounds. (see you-tube for instructions on making a jacob’s ladder)  If you choose another color for a background, use any shade of ink.

Peter and John meet the lame man

Jesus Cleanses the Temple

Jesus clears out the commerce going on in the Gentile court of the temple at the beginning of His ministry (John 2), and again at the end of His ministry, five days before His death.  He came into the temple after His triumphal entry through Jerusalem, on the back of a colt. This fulfilled the  prophecy of Zechariah 9:9, “…Behold thy King cometh unto you: He is just and having salvation:  He is lowly, and riding upon an ass…” Righteous indignation compelled Jesus to overturn the tables, scatter the coins, and drive out those who were involved in taking advantage of those who were coming to worship God.  He severely denounced  their profiteering by quoting Isaiah and then  welcomed the blind and lame, “and He healed them.”With twine, in which you have knotted the ends, make tiny whips.  (***See note below***)   Tape together and glue to Jesus’ hand.   I used a half  sheet of special paper made by Crayola to have the kids write  with Crayola’s special pens ” My  house shall be called a house of prayer”.  That is an option for you to consider but not necessary.   Color and cut out table, and glue together as in the finished project above.  Draw coins here and there with metallic gel pens. ****Note: Jesus did not use a whip in the 2nd cleansing of the temple, you might want to explain this…If you feel the “knots” are not appropriate for a young child…use the twine plain or leave off altogether as one cleansing did not include a whip) The word for “scourge” in Greek is phragellion (Latin: flagellum) and I have artistically interpreted it to be a substantial tool.  The word for “small cords” can mean either rope or rushes.