Jesus is Baptized

Baptism - part 1

John the Baptist had the distinct ministry of being “the voice of one crying in the wilderness: Prepare the way of the LORD”  as spoken of by the prophets Isaiah and Malachi.  For this lesson I stress the importance of obeying the Father’s will . Both John and Jesus are good examples of this.  The word baptize means to immerse or overwhelm.  John was calling the Jews  to repent and get ready for the Kingdom of God.  For a person to be baptized in John’s day was to confess to be as far away from God as a Gentile and that there was a need to “get right” with Him. Jesus had no need of repentance, but He was completely identifying Himself with sinful man.  His Father spoke his approval of His Son with a majestic voice from heaven signifying this was no ordinary baptism.

Baptism - part 2

This project will only be successful with card stock.  Copy paper is too wimpy .  The dove is attached to a craft stick with tacky glue .  I tend to get a little dramatic where the “voice of God” is mentioned and out comes the special glitter!!! I have those  colorful pieces pre-made and glittered before class for the younger kids. Pre-cut slit with x-acto blade.   Illustrated by Aaron Ernst.To keep the dove and craft stick from flopping around, tape strip on back of page as shown in photo.Baptism today is a dramatization or an “acting out” of a Christian’s identification with Jesus in His death and resurrection. Coming up from the water is a picture of rising from the dead.  Romans 6: 1-6 has a good passage on this and explains why the believer should walk in “newness of life”.