God’s Wonders

God's wonders

These are the first nine plagues that God used to show HIS  mighty right  arm in Exodus 6-11.   I sit the kids at a table for this lesson.  Teach one plague and then reinforce the info with working on the appropriate square. Everything you need is on the worksheet  except the hail. Use hole- punched hail or draw your own.   You will also need scissors, glue and something to color with. The red strips are the froggie’s tongues.You will need to color the backs of the tongues red and then curl them  before gluing.  Write  or glue Exodus 8: 1  in the space under the darkness.

Baby Moses

Baby Moses

Baby Moses

The kids have a lot of fun with this. You will need black duct tape ,a stapler, plastic babies from the craft store, scraps of material and brown or green cardstock. There is a lot of prep work because you will need to cut the basket  and lid with an x-acto blade…something I never allow a child to handle.  To complete your “set-up”, include the basket and lid strips (older kids can cut these), a square of material for a blankie, a baby, and a memory verse to be glued to the inside of the lid. (Hebrews 11:23  ” By faith Moses’ parents hid him for three months after he was born…they were not afraid of the king’s command.” After the basket and lid are weaved, line your pieces with black duct tape, figure out which side you want the “pitch” to be on and fold up your ends like you are wrapping a package. Staple ends , attach lids with little pieces of duck tape, and glue your verse . Baby Moses is ready for his nap !babies

Joseph in Egypt

Joseph and his Brothers

Our boy Joseph has had a rough time of it.  Sold into slavery, falsely accused and put in prison.  But then we read these amazing words “…the LORD was with Joseph”.  What a great lesson to teach kids.  They may go through some hard trials but God is good and  has an amazing purpose for all HE allows to touch HIS beloved children. (For a craft illustrating this portion of Joseph’s story go to the post on October 29, 2011, “Joseph is Tested”) To read about Pharaoh’s dream and Joseph’s rise to power check out Genesis 41-47.  Have kids write: “But the Lord was with Joseph.” on the top of the page. Give each participant 7 ears of corn to color, cut and glue on the healthy stalk . Make slit in sack to place Joseph’s  cup, which needs to be colored silver.  Optional: Trace sack  on another paper to glue on top, make tiny slits on side and thread twine to tie over sack . Glue popcorn on top. ( see example in photo)