Mighty man of Valour

“Who me??? hiding in this winepress, threshing my wheat in secret to keep it safe from marauding hordes?”  But Gideon should believe the one delivering this message, for he is not just an angel of the Lord but The Angel of the LORD. (The pre-incarnate Christ appeared to several Old Testament men and women) Moses and Joshua warned the nation of Israel that incomplete conquest of the promised land would result in spiritual compromise as they would be tempted to make covenants with the Canaanites and leave their idolatrous alters standing. After Joshua died, the children Israel “did evil in the sight of the LORD” by worshipping other gods so they were allowed to be plundered  by those they had dispossessed. God raised up judges to deliver his children when they cried out to Him in their distress.  Read the story in Judges 6 & 7. I prefer the KJV spelling of valour…you can change it ! (but I do apologize for misspelling Midianites… it is corrected on the worksheet!)

Use glitter on The Angel of the Lord’s robe  (for recommended brand see “Basic Tools” blog posted on August 12, 2011), fold page and cut in half.  Color and cut out  figures to glue on and around winepress , write verse. 

Balaam – Prophet for Hire


One of the reasons we study the word of God and teach it to our children is because Jesus and the writers of the epistles warned us that false teachers  would abound in the last days. They try to appear authentic and “religious”  but are known by three characteristics listed in Jude verse 11. Cain was self-righteous , attempting to be acceptable to God by his own efforts , instead of bringing a blood sacrifice which is the only covering for sin. Korah spoke against God’s word by speaking falsely and convincing 252 leaders of Israel that they should shun Moses’ authority. Moses spoke to God “face to face” and the whole congregation got to see what happened to the man who challenged God’s ordained leader. Now we come to greedy Balaam, a pagan prophet who believed he could profit from doing the work of the God of Israel. Through this story we understand that even though Israel has walked contrary to the ways of the LORD, God still loves and blesses those who bless His people and curses those who curse them. Read the story in Numbers 22 of how  The Angel of the LORD and a donkey made Balaam an offer he couldn’t refuse. I glued cotton above the Tabernacle to portray “the cloud by day”.