An Empty Tomb


(Welcome to this blog which is a companion blog to “aunties bible lessons”.  There you will find a complete list of Bible Stories in the “Table of Contents” posted 4/2/2013.)Empty Tomb craft - alternateOut here on the “Rez” ( or any rural place) you may not have brass brads and may not want to drive 2 hours to purchase them.  This empty tomb  scene can be colored and cut  and glued onto a box that you can construct out of card stock.  Card stock would need to be used to offer the necessary strength

Empty Tomb Worksheet*Print the scene on white cardstock but the box can be a contrasting color – tan, brown or grey.  To make the box you will need 2 pieces of card stock.  Measure 2 1/4 inches in on all sides and fold as shown below…

folding box folding box

Glue each corner in 2 places:

glueing corners glueing corners

Press to set the glue…

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